We are not in the business of collecting association memberships simply for the sake of adding badges to our company headers. Where we feel that there is true value in being part of a particular trade body or scheme then we will give our full commitment and make sure that we fulfil every requirement in order to qualify for the accolade.


To date we are fully registered members of the NHBC. Those ‘in the know’ will recognise that this is a very difficult standard to achieve and therefore our membership means a great deal to us. Never one to sit on our laurels however we know that we need to keep up our high standards to maintain our position here as many others (including major housebuilders) have fallen short of expectations and had their membership terminated.


We are also very proud to have an SMSTS Qualification, showing just how seriously we take site Health and Safety, a fact backed up by the CSCS certification held by the entire UCR team.



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