With many years of business experience – both within and outside of the construction industry – we understand that the key to running a successful company is to get the basics in place (a service to offer, a great team to provide it, premises from which to operate and finances to put everything in place). But then, over and above those ‘essentials’, must come the overriding desire to offer a level of service which is in itself of much higher value than the sum of those individual basic parts. Put simply, whilst we know we are fantastic builders we also know that it is the way in which we serve and treat our clients which will make or break our business!


To us, a great building company is one which understands the possibilities in a building plan but listens to the client’s needs; who wants to be competitively priced but never scrimps on materials or skills; who can stick to a timescale but be flexible enough to suit the homeowner’s needs.


You may have guessed by now that we put customer service very high on our list of key features and that’s because we fully accept that it is our reputation which will support (or limit) our success in the years to come. When our clients recommend us enthusiastically to friends and family then we know our job really is done!


Our team can undertake any level of works from commercial & domestic repairs to entire new builds. Regardless of whether we are converting a loft, re-modelling a living space, extending a single or double storey, re-appointing a garage or simply improving an existing structure, we approach every job with the professionalism you’d expect and consideration you’d perhaps not previously have associated with the building trade.


Our home territory is Leicestershire and that is where we find ourselves working for the majority of our time but we can, of course, travel a little further within the East Midlands provided we can provide the work you need with an acceptable level of competitiveness. Our team are equally at home in town, city or village locations as we always ensure that we adhere to local requirements and restrictions and keep abreast of any relevant local regulations.



Our team may be small but it perfectly performs…

We share a combined experience of over 80 years in the building trade and when we undertake your project, whatever the size, you will have the same team from beginning to end; no chopping and changing from job to job with an endless stream of strangers. We think it is important that you know exactly who to expect at your property and we like to get to know you and your site – it all makes for a much easier working environment and leads to a much smoother project. That’s not to say that we will be getting in your way (hopefully we will have given you the complete confidence to let us simply get on with the tasks at hand) but we never say no to the very occasional hot drink, especially when we’re in the great outdoors in the great British winter!


UCR Construction & Development has qualified bricklayers, carpenters and roofers all coming to you with relevant qualifications and the right attitude. From time to time we will also have apprentices within our team as we believe in supporting those with a true desire to learn and we also believe in supporting the future of our industry. On the flip side for us, we find that this keeps us all on our toes as the apprentices bring with them new ideas and new techniques which have come to the fore since we did our own training all those years ago.


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